What are the features of the step-by-step online Chinese course package?

If you want to learn the practical Chinese, Mandarin Core Course is the best choice for you.

We’ve created the Step-by-Step Mandarin Core Course for online teacher-led systematic learning. The curriculum is divided into 6 levels, from Newbie to Advanced. You’ll learn high-frequency vocabulary and grammar patterns: about 5000 words and 300 grammar structures in total. Once you’ve got them down, you’re speaking Mandarin fluently!

All the courses are based on the real lives of six Chinese people living in Shanghai today. You’ll be learning about the issues and situations that are most relevant to your own life as well as the reasons for learning Chinese.

The Mandarin core course is developed according to the HSK examination outlines and corresponds to the HSK examination levels.


If you intend to take the HSK test, please take the HSK test prep course along with Mandarin Core Course.

In the HSK test prep course, we focus on core test areas including speaking, listening, reading and writing in Chinese, with optimized, hand selected learning materials. We hone your strengths and improve on your weaknesses to help you get your best test score. 
Meanwhile, we highly recommend you take the HSK course along with Mandarin Core Course, as it’ll improve your ability of listening and speaking Chinese effectively.
After you finish studying of the HSK course, you can take HSK Real Test Paper online to check whether you can pass the exam.


For all  Chinese learners, we highly recommend you take Chinese Reading Course and Practical Spoken Chinese as supplementary learning materials from time to time.

In the Chinese Reading Course, we use carefully selected articles and reading textbooks to help students consolidate Chinese learning, and to provide a better understanding of the Chinese language, contemporary society and culture.

In the Practical Spoken Chinese, you will learn the most prevalent and practical spoken Chinese, which can be directly applied in real life.

With HSK Chinese Grammar, you can measure your progress by checking grammar and structure indices and explanations at each level.
Clearing up any questions you may have about learning Chinese grammar. With your help and support we will build the system together, making constant and continuous improvements!

Enjoy your Chinese learning with us!

To enjoy full online audio and video lessons, welcome to join our Study Plan

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