HSK1_Newbie Courses

98 lessons HSK1_Newbie Courses

This Chinese course package is for Newbie Learners.
If you want to learn the practical Chinese, Mandarin Core Course – Newbie is the best choice for you.
If you intend to take the HSK test, please take the HSK Standard Course Level 1 along with Mandarin Core Course-Newbie. After you finish studying of the HSK course, you can take HSK Real Test Paper Level 1 online to check whether you can pass the exam.
For all newbie learners, we highly recommend you take Chinese Reading Course Level 1 and Practical Spoken Chinese Level 1 as supplementary learning materials from time to time.
With Chinese Grammar & structure– Newbie/HSK 1, you can measure your progress by checking grammar and structure indices and explanations.