Group Chinese Lessons

651 lessons Group Chinese Lessons

You will study real and relevant Mandarin Chinese via our online audio and video lessons which include dialogue, guided explanations and lesson expansion MP3’s.
Our systematic learning method focuses on the core of Mandarin and you’ll love being able to study anytime, anywhere!
Plus meet other Chinese learners online just like you and our professional Chinese teachers are available to answer your questions within one working day in our learning group. It’s the most efficient and effective way to learn Mandarin Chinese online!

There’re six Chinese courses for each level.
In the HSK Standard Course, we focus on core test areas including speaking, listening, reading and writing in Chinese. We hone your strengths and improve on your weaknesses to help you get your best test score. 

The Mandarin Core Course (Daily Chinese Course ) is developed according to the HSK examination outlines and corresponds to the HSK examination levels.

You can measure your progress with Chinese Grammar & Structure courses and the HSK Real Test Paper, and consolidate Chinese learning with Chinese Reading Course and Practical Spoken Chinese.