1-on-1 Chinese Lessons

532 lessons 1-on-1 Chinese Lessons

You will have an initial consultation with one of our dedicated professional Chinese teachers before receiving your customized and systematic learning plan. You’ll be learning real and relevant Mandarin via online audio and video lessons including dialogue, explanations and lesson expansion MP3’s. Finished your text and audio homework? Send it to your teacher for guidance and suggestions for improvement whenever it’s convenient for you.

Students on this plan will also take part in regular online tutoring with their teacher, making this the most efficient and effect way to learn Mandarin Chinese online!
During your lessons, you and your teacher will expand on the lessons to consolidate learning.
Focusing on the core of Mandarin, you’ll be able to discuss the topics that you’re interested in to help you communicate effectively in real-life situations – just as if you were living in China and talking with a Chinese friend! It’s fun, casual, and it works!