Affiliate Partner Program

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Anybody can become an affiliate of MandarinCore; it is free and as simple as this:


After you log in, simply apply to become one of our affiliate partners to get started. You'll receive your unique affiliate link that you can use to start earning money.


Share your unique affiliate link with your friends and followers. We have a variety of advertising phrases available for your immediate use.

You will earn 20% commission of the amount on every subscription that was referred from your affiliate link. You’ll be able to track your earnings on your personal affiliate page.


How Does It Work?

After becoming a MandarinCore affiliate partner, you can send the link to your friends and followers or embed links on your site that allow us to track conversions. We will be able to track subscriptions from your link for up to 30 days.

You will earn 20% commission of the amount on every subscription from your affiliate link in the 30 day period.

We will pay you directly to your PayPal account or Alipay account 30 days after the end of the current month once your total accumulative commission has exceeded $100 USD. For example, if you generate one subscription on the 16th of May, we will pay you on June 30th.

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